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Coeur d'Alene Art Association
Friend of CDA Arts & Cultural Association
Founded in 1961 by 13 members, now serving the

community for 61 years as a non-profit organization.
Pondering April and Service


April is a fast-moving month. The change of season presents new beginnings and lends a sense of renewal.  I’m reminded that when creating I feel balanced and at peace.  We artists are blessed to have this outlet. We face an empty canvas or new project (sometimes daily) and all share similar doubts and desires to expand their artistic reach. I would like to thank members for sharing their hope and expertise with one another. 


Did you know? — Each board member spends a minimum of 12 hours a month on association work and many spend that amount and more per week. I thank them for their dedication. Programs such as Paint with a Friend are hosted by board members who take time from their busy schedules to serve. Let them know if you enjoy the program and when you plan to attend.




Reminder: We begin evening summer meetings at 6pm Thursday, April 21st.


Jacklin show dates are firm and will be posted on the website this week. (August 30th is the deadline for submission of works.)


Board member Julia Komsky is exploring adding member Instagram links and website links in our website gallery.


We will begin listing local art exhibits you might wish to enter and contests open to artists. If you would like to add to those lists, please contact Julia Komsky or Harriett Masterson (addresses in membership book.) If you have ideas or comments, please put them in the suggestion box and the board will review them.


Julia Komsky will be doing a pastel demonstration after the meeting.  With time constraints in meetings, it is always a challenge to conclude the business quickly and engage in the artistic demo or activity. Thank you for your patience with us as we explore how to do this in the most effective and positive way.




Terry Ann Blakemore

President, CDA Art Association

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