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            Visual art has always moved the human race to think, examine, wonder and generally see life in new ways.  Less tangible, but no less important than developing other sorts of skills is the ability to develop a critical eye and understand how art can help one communicate stories of history, beauty, humor, tragedy, and so on.  The ability to create and communicate in this way adds dimension and quality to ones life.


            The Coeur d’Alene Art Association is a non profit community association of more than 75 persons interested in the fine arts with the mission of furthering their, and the community’s interest and abilities, through the pursuit of knowledge, and the practice, of fine art.  They are unique in that they accept artists of any level and as a result have beginner to professional involved.  They span all ages and come from different backgrounds working in many different mediums and styles.  Many of their members have received local, regional, and national artistic awards.


            Within the format of a monthly meeting there are demonstrations, critiques, competitions, networking, and education.  This program enables one to experience the joy of art making by learning at one’s own pace, and receive mentoring from more experienced artists.  This group provides opportunities for amateurs to show when perhaps there aren’t other available venues.  Professional artists are able to share their techniques and knowledge with newer artists.


            They organize many art activities such as a weekly Paint-with-a-Friend session and group paint-outs.  They put on the successful annual spring Artist Showcase at the Fairgrounds and participate in other local events like Art on the Green, Art from the Heart, Art Walks and other area exhibits. Individually many of the artists also show in other venues throughout the region and beyond. 


            They provide scholarships to their members for group sponsored workshops as well as giving annual scholarships to NIC students.  They have supported the KROC center, the Summer Arts Program for Youth sponsored by the city, and the Borah Elementary Art Program.  Many of their artists volunteer in local public and private children’s art education programs as well as donating their artwork for the purpose of fundraising for local causes.


            This association operates on a small budget and is managed strictly by volunteer board and committee persons.  A challenge is to stay on course towards their mission while attending to growing opportunities, and the time-consuming aspect of basic operations in leadership, publicity, community education projects, and more, while increasing services to members who are on their career paths as well as those who paint strictly for the enjoyment.


            They welcome all persons interested in the arts and willing to contribute time and experience.  They offer full membership for the artist, and associate membership for the supporter; there has been a prestigious Art Patron opportunity in the past and may be again, and they are always in need of show sponsors.

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Coeur d'Alene Art Association
Founded in 1961 by 13 members, now serving the
community for 61 years as a non-profit organization.
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