We are a community art club of very friendly people who make our club a fun place to be.

Each of us tries to introduce new members to all of our activities and events, and make everyone feel comfortable. All of the officers are ready and willing to help at any time.

We have many events, a great newsletter (pdf), an online gallery, information about art classes and community art events, and much more.

Artist of the Year Award for 2014
Marianne Leake accumulated the highest number of points for member's juried work throughout the year and was awarded the 2014 Artist of the Year Award. She was presented with a plaque at the CDA Art Association's Christmas Banquet at the CDA Resort.

Marianne believes each of us has a life’s work that needs to be addressed at some time. After raising a large family of ten children, she thought that her life was complete, but eventually all the children found their own lives and left home. As another chapter unfolded, she found herself working, growing and learning to create new and interesting pieces of art.

She began studying art at North Idaho College, starting out with oil painting, since that was the medium she was familiar with. The Department of Fish and Game commissioned her to paint a 400 sq. Ft. Mural at their new building in Coeur d’Alene ID. In the same year, (1992) she finished a 10 x 12 ft. mural of an Irish cathedral, rendered in charcoal, as a permanent installation, in the Communications Arts building at North Idaho College.

She has spent many years teaching art classes both at the Senior level and beginning level.

Please view the CDA Press article about Marianne Leake here.
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Painting Together

Paint With A Friend and Plein Air Painting
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Painters at St. Luke's

Suzanne painting Jackie.

Corbin Park in Post Falls

Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley

Please join us and enjoy the fun!